Alberta Medical Association supports Vicky

The Alberta Medical Association (AMA) has issued a statement in support of Vicky, stating that the province has an obligation to provide care for temporary foreign workers, even those whose contracts have ended.

From the article:

The Alberta Medical Association is speaking out on the plight of temporary workers injured in Alberta.

In a letter to a doctor advocating for Maria Victoria Venancio, AMA president Dr. Richard Johnston said temporary workers who come to Canada to contribute to the economy deserve support.

“‚ÄčThe need for care and support does not end because a worker is due or required to leave the province,” Johnston wrote.

Venancio, 29, a worker from the Philippines, was hit by a car in June¬†2012 while riding her bike to work. The crash left her a quadriplegic and because she couldn’t work her visa was not renewed.

Johnston said there needs to be clear definitions about when the province’s responsibility for health care for TFWs begins and ends, adding that once a person starts receiving medical care it’s important for the care to be completed.

“The corporations for whom the individual works should also bear some obligation,” he added.

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